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Saurabh Sharma


Data Science


( 4.8 )

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Course Description

This Specialization will teach you all you need to know about data science and the tasks that data scientists do. You'll learn how data science may be used in a wide range of fields, as well as how data analysis can help you make data-driven decisions. You'll learn that you may get a head start in the business even if you have no prior knowledge of computer science or programming languages: this Specialization will give you the foundation you'll need to pursue more advanced courses to achieve your professional goals. You will find out about big data, statistical analysis, relational databases, and other data science applications using Open-Source technologies such as Jupyter Notebooks, RStudio, GitHub, and SQL. You'll learn how to solve data science problems through hands-on experiments and projects, then apply what you've learned to real-world data sets.

Course Curriculum

1 Installation Introduction to Python
2 Loops
3 Conditional statements
4 Functions
5 Lists
6 Dictionary
1 Numpy library
2 Numpy library Part-II
3 Pandas
4 Pandas Part-II
5 Matplotlib
6 Seaborn
1 Intoduction to EDA
2 One hot encoding, Finding outliers
1 Introduction to Data Science
2 Linear regression
3 Logistic Regression
4 Lesson 09 8-JUNE
5 Logistic Regression Part-II
6 Model Evaluation Methods
1 Statistics
2 Statistics
3 Advanced Supervised Machine Learning algorithms - Decision Trees
4 Random Forest
5 Cross Validation
6 Hyper Parameter Tuning
7 Support Vector Machines


Saurabh Sharma

After completing his graduation in IT, Saurabh did his MBA from Amity Business School. Being a certified SAP consultant with domain experience of close to 13 years, Saurabh have a keen eye for data anomalies and visualization techniques.

4.8 Rating
5 Reviews
492 Students
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Meghna Shrivastav

Ms. Meghna Shrivastav has completed her Bachelor’s Of Technology in Computer Science. During her curriculum she has earned various certifications dealing with analytics and critical thinking in communications.

Karamjeet Gulati

Mr. karamjeet is B.Tech from SRM University, with strong problem solving ability and good grasp in data science and machine learning.

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[3-months] Data Science Course

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