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Who We Are

We are an online platform of industry professionals that thrive to make our society richer in technological development. We provide courses to cover all verticals - from Web Development to App customization, Data Science to Digital Marketing and much more. Certificate courses from SeekACE Academy will make you eligible to apply for jobs ahead. We believe that enhancing your skills can make you an asset to any company that hires you in near future.

What We Do

Our work is to find solutions. We don’t go light on research. Our team follows the basics first- through research, market analysis, and focusing on what our coders need. Our top priority is our client’s satisfaction. We have built a team of experts who constantly analyze how to make the courses and certifications smoother. Our motto is to create quality content such that our clients are able to learn with no haste. Always willing to serve is our aim.


We aim to build a community of coders. There are millions of minds that sit at home with the potential oozing out of them. We want to recognize them and help them grow. Our priority will always be client satisfaction.


Data Enthusiasts

Master the skills that will help you take up your analytical skills to a new high.


Web Developers

We’ll teach you how to design and create digital content in record time.


Digital Marketers

Our course will also teach how to maintain digital harmony in between client’s strategies and expectations using the skills taught to you by us.

Our Team

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Teach what you love. Corrector gives you the tools to create a course .

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